What Is Chromatherapy?

Since 1876, color has been instrumental in the diagnosis and treatment of illness for centuries. The usage of light waves to treat ailments in the mind and body is called Chromatherapy. According to the therapy, individual wavelengths of light have different healing properties. For instance the color blue stimulates the parasympathetic system, can reduce blood pressure, and can help calm both breathing and heat-rate. It has a anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxing effect and can be used to develop personal expression, clear communication, confidence in speaking, mental relaxation, and knowledge. Who knew what an effect a single color could have on our overall being.

Benefits of Chromatherapy

LED Chromatherapy lights come standard on all of our Ella Acrylic Inward Swing Tubs, and are an optional feature on the Gel Coat and Outward Swing product lines. These lights rotate between several colors to create an aura of healing and relaxation. You have the option to pause on the color of your choice if you have a preference. The lights, while not blindingly bright, illuminate the entirety of the water and whisk you away to another place. When used in conjunction with the air or hydro massage jets, you’ll find yourself rejuvenated like never before.

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